Business Opportunities

RTC Services offers many programs and services that can be beneficial to your company and your success. We have helped dozens of businesses find capable and trustworthy employees, saved businesses money on overhead and production costs, and helped create a lasting impression in our community through our successful partnerships.



If you are looking for dedicated capable employees, RTC Services can be the solution to your needs. Unlike temp agencies, we seek to find the right fit for both employer and employee to ensure long term success.

RTC Employment Services is able to assist with training your new employee, teaching different job skills, and providing pre and post employment needs. We offer you many competitive advantages in finding the right employees in today's complex workplace environment.


Sub-Contract Work

We are able to assist with your company’s production needs. RTC’s associates & staff are dedicated to meeting your production standards. We can do the work within your company walls or at RTC Industries.

We excel in light assembly, parts washing, document shredding, document imaging, packaging, mail preparation and other requests you may have. We provide transportation to move the product between your company and ours. RTC Industries’ Production Manager is available to discuss your business needs and provide you with a quote. Click here for her contact information.

Public Transit Van Fall 2017.jpg


What if your logo and business name could be seen by tens of  thousands of potential new customers every week?

We are able to provide you this opportunity by advertising on our vehicles. We cover a 100 mile radius from Bellefontaine and average 150 miles a day per vehicle. With the size of our fleet and operating 260 days a year on the road, our vehicles travel a whopping 350,000 miles a year! Our 100 mile radius covers Dayton, Columbus, Lima, Springfield, Toledo, Cincinnati, and over 20 counties. There are over 3 million people combined in those areas! Your business could be seen by tons of potential new customers. Click below for more information.