The STUDIO: RTC's Art Connection

The STUDIO: RTC's Art Connection is an artistic day program located inside Union Station. Union Station is a community center located at 613 Hamilton St. Bellefontaine, OH. The STUDIO's focus is on discovering individuals' talents. The STUDIO is focused on developing life skills and fostering community involvement through a variety of creative mediums. The STUDIO is open to individuals with disabilities and a desire to learn.

If you are interested in attending the STUDIO, please contact your SSA.

We strive to inspire creativity, encourage individual ownership & responsibility, and develop a wide range of practical skills.
— The STUDIO's Mission
Morgan working the loom with kristin.

Morgan working the loom with kristin.

Woven Loom

One of the mediums for artistic expression is through the loom. Individuals are taught how to create and weave together fabric to make beautiful items. The STUDIO makes custom rugs of various sizes for sale to individuals and businesses.

themla assisting Ron on potters wheel

themla assisting Ron on potters wheel


Another medium for artistic expression that is used at the STUDIO is pottery. Individuals are shown how to use the potter's wheel to shape and mold clay into beautiful items of pottery. 

Justin using sidewalk chalk

Justin using sidewalk chalk

Fine Arts

The STUDIO fine arts are designed to spur everyone's imagination. Mediums include visual, music, theatre, guest artists, and much more. Love for the arts is developed through group projects and individual artistic expressions. While seeing others point of view encourages individuals to branch out in their artistic endeavors

Additional Projects

The STUDIO also encourages skill growth and development through cooking, baking, reading, life skills, sewing, knitting and various community outings.


Union Station of Logan County
613 Hamilton St.
Bellefontaine, OH 43311

Hours of Operation:

Monday- Friday
9:00 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. 

Contact Us:

Office: (937) 441-0570

Where Can I Buy Items?

The STUDIO sells many handcrafted products throughout Logan County. 

Studio places.jpg

Custom rugs can also be ordered by filling out the form below.