Little Shop of Holidays at Instant Replay

This seasonal holiday store housed at Instant Replay on 334 E. Columbus Ave. Bellefontaine, OH is a collaboration between our Pos+Abilities program and The STUDIO: RTC’s Art Connection. Individuals have handmade items that would make for a great addition to your collection or are incredible gifts for you to share with loved ones. There are handcrafted ornaments, rugs, cards, and more. All proceeds from our Little Shop of Holidays go directly back to those who created the artwork and assisted in selling them at the store. Below are some samples of what will be offered in the store.

More Items Coming Soon!



334 E. Columbus Ave.
Bellefontaine, OH 43311

Store Hours:

Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & Friday
10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 

Contact Us:

Office: (937) 651-6313



All ornaments have been handcrafted by the individuals who attend The STUDIO. Each one has a unique look and color patterns that adds to the distinctive handcrafted quality of each piece. Ornaments can also be personalized for you!



Rugs are pieced together and participants weave the rugs on a loom right here in Bellefontaine at The STUDIO. Individuals get to choose the fabrics and color patterns they will use to create their masterpieces. Each rug comes with a special tag that indicates who created your individual piece.



Cards are individual created and crafted by individuals in Pos+Abilities. Each card includes a special message for you to share with your loved ones. On the back of every card, Pos+Abilities places their “stamp” of approval, so you know that you have received a high quality product crafted by high quality people.